Thursday, 16 June 2016

Here is the list of apps that you must have for jobs and interviews

1. Monster Jobs

Monster is one of the best tools for searching jobs on internet. Monster app is available to download and compatible with every mobile platform like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry. This app will let you search for your desired job as well as you help you to prepare for interviews.

The app has pre-interview section that will help you to form interview strategies. This will give you all the necessary information about the company and post profile that you want to apply for. You can easily prepare yourself for the interview question that ranges from easy to difficult and also some common questions that are more likely to ask by recruiters.

You can also create an account on Monster that will keep you in touch with the recruiters. You can also get the latest updates on your mobile phone.

2. Indeed

Indeed is one of the best websites to search job across the globe. Indeed is available in 26 languages and in more than 50 countries. In order to give relax to job seekers, its mobile application is also available where job seekers can easily search for their required jobs anytime, anywhere.

Indeed app is available in every mobile platform like Android, iOS or in any web enabled phone. You can easily access to all the latest job opportunities, save or email jobs by yourself, can upload the resume. This app will help you to check out all the new employment opportunities.

3. Linkup

Linkup is a job search app that lets you know the job directly from company websites. This app connects job seekers to the unadvertised jobs by thousands of small, large and mid-sized companies. All the jobs listed are from real companies. You will not find any duplicate vacancy.

You can search jobs by company name, specific post. You can even sort the available job list by category or jobs tags.

4. Pocket Resume

Why would any company hire you? What is the impression that you can make to impress any recruiter? The first thing that any manager, HR, recruiter notice is your resume. If they find out resume impressive then only you would be called for interview process. This is the first and the initial step that can land you to your dream job.

Pocket Resume app will solve the problem of good and presentable resume. This allows you create a professionally formatted resume. You don’t need to worry about the design, layout of your resume. This app will do all this for you.

Once you have created your resume, you can directly send it to recruiters, companies from your mobile. You can store it on your mobile and update it quickly and easily and sent it anytime, anywhere.

5. Job Interview Question Answers

Once your resume is selected, you would be called for the interview process. Apart from being presentable you must be aware of questions that are most likely to ask by Human resource managers and recruiters. There are some basic questions that you must know how to answer in a smart way.  As they are not looking for the ordinary candidate but they are looking for candidates that are smart enough to take their company even at higher position.
This app will prepare you for all interview questions in a better and smart way. You must know how to answer questions like Why do want to join us? Why shall we hire you?  You can easily find the category of such questions and practice accordingly.

6. LinkedIn

Linkedln is online social networking platform for professionals. LinkedIn is a vast network that connects employers, recruiters to job seekers. For employers, LinkedIn provides quick and easy way to find employees who would be right for the company or business.

You can easily create your account on LinkedIn, add a list of skills and experience that will give recruiters a better picture to hire you. Job seekers can connect with thousand other members. You can read the latest news of industry and can keep yourself up-to-date.

7. JobCompass

JobCompass is the app that let you search job near your area. You will get the jobs that lie in your area, zip code. If you don’t know about the company that is looking for candidates to hire, this app would definitely help you out.

JobCompass uses your phone’s GPS to locate the jobs vacancies nearby your area. If you are moving to a new city, this app will help you to figure out the opportunities within your new area.

8. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is one of the largest job search engine that will help you find out the exact job that you are looking for. This app is extremely simple to use. You just need to open the app, enter the job or the company in which you want to apply, enter your skill or experience and you are done.

This app also gives you the link of company with the job description so that you can directly apply to company website.

9. JobAware

JobAware app makes the job search smarter. You can find the job as well as track your search progress.  You can easily search for the reputed companies and the salary offered by them. You can also compare the jobs in different cities.

10. Hidden Jobs

Most of the jobs are not advertised in newspaper so if you looking for the perfect job advertised to you, chances are less. Hidden Jobs tracks millions of unadvertised jobs from different organizations. You can easily keep track of such types of vacancies. This app is ideal for all job seekers from college graduates to experienced professionals.

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