Thursday, 16 June 2016

10 Secrets Of Apple Devices That You Don’t Know

1. Create keyboard shortcuts

On iPhone’s keyboard you can create custom text shortcuts for phrases or long words so that you can have a quick way to frequently used phrases.

First Go to Setting–> General–> Keyboard and then Add Shortcut.

You will get two filed one for the long phrase you want to replace and another for the shortcut that you want to use for the respective phrase.

2. Stop Music with timer

You have the habit the listening music while asleep then this is a cool trick for you. It usually happens that people asleep while listening to music and wake with a dead battery. But not anymore with this amazing secret. You can easily choose for how long to want to play music by using its Stop Playing Timer.

How to set the Timer?

Go to Clock App and then tap Timer. Choose time and when you want to stop the timer. Now whenever you will play the music press start on timer and whenever the time ends, music will stop.

3. Get iPhone’s flash blink whenever message arrives

iPhone gives you the ability to turn on LED flash light when you get a message. This option is good if your vibration alert or sound is not enough to make you feel you have received a message.

Go to Setting –> General –> Accessibility and then turn On LED flash for Alerts.

4. Shake to Undo

Want to undo something that you have accidentally deleted or typed something wrong? Well, this secret somewhat acts a bit of life saver. Just shake your phone to bring undo or redo button and make sure you are holding the iPhone in the right way while shaking.

5. Delete the last digit in your Calculator by Swapping

While using phone many of time we get chances to make use of calculator. There exist handy time-saving trick through which you can delete last digit of calculator you have just entered you need to swap it left or right in the area where calculator appears.

6.  Tap to go back to the top

While reading some notes or going through ton of emails scrolling takes a lot of time to go back from top to bottom. You can go straight to screen’s top just by tapping at the very top of your iPhone’s screen.

7. Find words or phrases on web page

If you are searching for a particular word on the web page, you can easily find out just by typing the word in its search bar. You will get the option On This Page. Just tap it and you will get the desired word highlighted on that web page.

8. Take Selfie from headphones

Selfie has become the real craze and sometimes it becomes quiet tricky to get a better shot. You can easily take the phone while listening to music also. Just open your camera and make use of volume button on your headphones to click the picture.

9. Switch Direction in Panorama Mode

You know you can even change the direction of panorama photography through camera by tapping in the middle of the display of iPhone in Panorama mode.

10. Take High Quality Photos

Your iPhone camera can take better images if you select HDR mode from camera app. An HDR mode take three images and combine the best parts of each giving you the best captured image. You can make use of this while taking pictures in sunlight and in low light.

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